Covid-19 Impact

The Monday Morning Club is currently closed due to the situation with the coronavirus, Covid-19.

We are working to create an online only version of the club where meet ups are held via video call. If you'd like to know when this is up and running please sign up to our newsletter.

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From laid off to on form

Develop the skills to be
 proactive and decisive in your job search

Why Join?

At the Monday Morning Club, through a weekly course you will learn the practical skills to take control of your time and use it to improve and succeed in your job search.

Who Runs The MMC?

Maybe working in a self-motivated way is new to you, or you're looking to explore new career ideas in a structured way. Whatever it is, Adam Ellison, a designer with 11 years experience working for himself, will share ways to set goals, overcome challenges and make confident decisions.

What You’ll Gain

As well as joining a friendly group and receiving a free coffee (or tea), you will take part in a lesson each week focusing on two areas:

The Workplace

The creation of motivating and productive working habits - from setting up a distraction-free work environment, to defining and achieving your goals

The Work

Developing the skills required for job searching - from finding alternative routes into work, to learning how to gain and use feedback to improve your applications

How Much Does It Cost?

The Monday Morning Club is free to join and attend, but to be considered for a membership you must be:


Tackling Redundancy

Looking for work after a recent redundancy, or hoping to join after a redundancy process ends


Happy To Share

Comfortable with taking part in research, including surveys and interviews, which will help to improve the club


Able to Attend

You can join every Monday morning during your unemployment, at the location near Blackhorse Road Station

When and where

The MMC takes place every Monday morning, 9.30am-12.30pm at locations near Blackhorse Road Station in Walthamstow, London

Join Today

The MMC has been set up in a way that members can join the club, and begin the course at any point. So why not register to join today?

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