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Work brings more than just an income, it provides purpose, challenge, and community. At the Monday Morning Club we ensure, regardless of employment status, these advantages are there for all.

The MMC is:

  • A UK based social enterprise founded in 2018.
  • For people from all working backgrounds.
  • A place to learn to be more self-managed.
  • Funded and run by Adam Ellison

You can show your support for The MMC and fuel Adam's productivity by buying him a coffee.

What We Do

We teach self-management (goal setting, time & project management) and problem-solving skills, so people who are out of work can set up their own productive and healthy workspaces, take control of their career path and find good work.

How We Started

Job seekers lack access to ways of improving their self-management skills. Skills that are essential during unemployment to improve motivation, confidence, and lead to achieving goals quicker.

This is the conclusion Adam Ellison, the MMC’s founder and course mentor, came to after researching into the impact of redundancy and unemployment.

In response, the MMC was set up. Originally a Walthamstow (London) based group that met every (you guessed it) Monday. Now an online course full of practical and action lead exercises, based on the experience of self-employed people and experts in project, time, and goal management.

Our Commitment

The MMC is committed to keeping the “From laid off, to on form” course accessible for those out of work, so they can benefit without adding a financial stress.

Become A Partner

Interested in partnering with The MMC? Whether it is commissioning one-off workshops, combining the course with your offering, or to just share your support, we would love to hear from you.

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